The Fresh Stop program is funded by generous gifts and grants from a variety of community organizations, including Florida Hospital, Orange County Government, the Winter Park Health Foundation and the Florida Department of Health. The goal of the project is to grow to a level of self sufficiency over the first two years.

As part of this important effort, we are working with donors and volunteers from every corner of Orange County. Any donation of time, money or expertise – no matter how small – will help us keep the bus on the road.

Right now, our focus is getting the bus into the wild and delivering our central mission of bringing fresh produce to the neighborhoods in our community that need it most. Once we have the wrinkles ironed out, we’ll be looking to the long term.

At that point we have several initiatives we plan to launch. This will include volunteer opportunities, micro-donation programs, and much more. We will be hosting some exciting projects on Kickstarter, Indiegogo and other cloud funding platforms. If you’d like to donate now, you can make your secure contribution through our Razoo account using the donation box above. Every donation makes a difference!


To stay abreast of these programs, and everything happening at Fresh Stop, sign up for our email update. You’ll be the first to know! If you have resources or expertise you’d like to donate now, we encourage you to contact us today.